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UAEU Annual Report
Basis of Authority
The United Arab Emirates University was
established by the then President of the
UAE, The Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan
al Nahyan, by virtue of Federal Law 4 of
the year 1976. UAEU is a research-based
institution providing research solutions to
support the UAE and, through its global
partners, the wider world.
University Council
The UAE University Council is the
governing body responsible for the
management of the academic and
administrative affairs of the University.
Colleges and Departments
UAEU has nine Colleges through which
academic staff conduct their teaching at
undergraduate and postgraduate levels
while pursuing research and scholarly
investigations. The University General
Requirements Unit (UGRU) offers a
preparation program the aim of which is to
help students make a successful transition
from high school to university study.
UAEU Colleges provide comprehensive
opportunities for study and careers to
more than 13,000 students offering a full
range of undergraduate and graduate
About the University
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