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UAEU Annual Report
degree programs. The University offers
71 Bachelor’s degrees, 21 Master’s
degrees in eight Colleges, and the UAE’s
first national university PhD program
offering 3 Doctorate degrees with 139
students across six Colleges.
University Management
The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for
the management of the university as
well as the overall direction of policy and
strategic planning, budget and financial
activities, external relations, alumni, and
services that support the academic
mission of UAEU.
The Provost is the Chief Academic
Officer responsible for the Colleges,
undergraduate studies, research and
graduate studies, and information
technlogy. He is assisted in these
responsibilities by the Deputy Provost.
The Secretary General is responsible
for services that support the academic
mission of the University including finance,
budget, facilities management, human
resouces, auxiliary services, and safety.
The Deans are the heads of the academic
Colleges, which are groupings of
academic disciplines, through which the
academic staff teach at undergraduate
and post graduate levels, and conduct
research and scholarship.
Research Emphasis
Research is the engine that drives
advancement in technology, agriculture,
medicine, law, the economy and science;
research drives policy and underpins
growth in knowledge-based economies.
UAEU has a strong research mission.
Student Life
Students from all seven Emirates plus
more than 50 countries enrich and
enliven the campus and the classrooms.
The 6,111 students who live on campus
enjoy a full range of organized campus
activities and events that add a unique
educational value and vibrant dimension
to each student’s academic program.
Classrooms and labs feature state-of-
the art equipment and instructional
technology to enhance student learning
and contribute to academic success. 
The more than 54,000 UAEU graduates
contribute to their communities and
provide leadership throughout the UAE,
the Gulf region and, increasingly, the
global community. UAEU is committed
to the human development goals and
cultural values expressed by Sheikh Zayed
in establishing UAEU as the national
university in 1976.
Twenty-four faculty were promoted this
year and 76 new faculty were recruited
during the year. Thirteen Emirati
Nationals were appointed through
the National Teaching Assistants (TA)
Program, all of whom have been sent
abroad to pursue their graduate studies.
Five TAs obtained their PhDs abroad and
returned to the UAEU Assistant Professor
appointments during the past year.
The UAEU prides itself by employing 173
Emirati National faculty, which is over
24% of all faculty, confirming that the
university is truly a National university.
Wide Range of Strong Bachelor’s
Degree Programs
UAEU recognizes its special responsibility
to the community by making knowledge
and resources readily accessible. Close to
730 faculty add unique quality to every
undergraduate degree and unparalleled
academic opportunities for students.
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