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UAEU Annual Report
Student Engagement
Type of Activity
No. of events NO. Participants
Heritage and Cultural Activities / Male
3,658 Male students
Heritage and Cultural Activities / Female
16,421 Female student
Art and Theater Activities/ Male
722 Male students
Art and Theater Activities /Female
4,825 Female student
Clubs and organizations Student/Male
1,283 Male students
Student Clubs and organizations /Female
43,595 Female student
Student Projects Activates / Male-female
463 Male and female students
Sport Activities / Male
179 3,378 Male students
Sport Activities / Female
11,442 Female student
Two new student exchange agreements
were signed this year with French
Universities by the College of Business
and Economics; Group SUP DE CO
Montpellier and Euromed Management.
Two students from the University of
Frankfurt spent their first semester
studying at the College, while more than
300 Business student interns during the
academic year were placed in all seven
Young Entrepreneur Competition
A UAEU student won the first place in
the “Young Entrepreneur Competition
2012�? with a project entitled “Emirates
Garden 2030�?. Over 700 projects
developed by students from secondary
schools and universities across the UAE
participated in the four-day exhibition.
Inter College Cultural Cup
The Inter College Cultural Cup
competition provided a chance for the
various Colleges forming part of the
UAEU community to interact in a friendly
competition with the first place going
to the College of Humanities and Social
Sciences, second place to the College of
Food and Agriculture, with third place
going to the College of Engineering
the services, needs and different kinds
of support that is provided to UAEU
students with disabilities. The University
also provides academic and educational
resources in alternative formats for those
students. Additionally, an IT project
between the UGRU IT unit and the
College of IT developed a customized
IT course s for students with disabilities
within the foundation year, to offer
advanced assistive technology.
Exchange Programs
Nine UAEU students visited Osnabruck
University of Applied Sciences,
Germany and attended a special course
“The Summer Lab on Special Food
Technologies�?. In exchange, 10 students
from Osnabruck University visited UAEU
and attended a special winter course
on Food Laws and Regulations in the
College of Food and Agriculture. Besides
the academic program, the exchange
visits included social experiences and
UAEU students traveled to France to
attend a one-week module in Health
Promotion and Health Education offered
by the School of Public Health (EHESP),
in Paris, and a student from EHESP
performed her internship at UAEU.
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