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UAEU Annual Report
Educational Institution in UAE. This new
app enables the UAEU community to
access real time information, which is
integrated with the University Enterprise
Systems and optimizes the access to the
UAEU Services by delivering content
and services anytime anywhere, without
limitation, both quickly and easily.
Desktop Virtualization Solution
A Citrix desktop virtualization solution was
introduced across the whole UAEU new
campus. Currently this system is hosting
350 virtual desktop computers. The
virtual desktops are deployed across the
campus at open spaces like the library,
common areas, and public labs. The
system provides the same experience of a
normal desktop environment to students,
staff and faculty while also offering a
Blackboard Mobile
UAEU Mobile Learn is a new service that
enables students and faculty to access
and update the university’s learning
management system, Blackboard, using
mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.
With intuitive applications designed
specifically for each mobile device
platform, students can now check grades
and assignments, view documents, create
threaded discussion posts and comment
on blogs and journals, upload content,
view documents, view course rosters
and much more. Instructors can post
announcements and course materials
while they are on the go.
UAEU Mobile App
UAEU Mobile is the first true native, in-
house, mobile application for a Higher
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