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UAEU Annual Report
such as the Fulbright Program. Through
this program, a larger number of students
and scholars from both the UAE and
the US, who were selected for their
academic excellence and leadership
potential, studied and taught in each
other›s countries, exchanged ideas,
and provided joint solutions to several
This international cooperation in the
area of education mutually benefited
both countries as it increased the
understanding of each culture and
led to enhanced comprehension of
both educational systems. The UAEU
is committed to encouraging new
linkages with US educational institutions
and continued to pursue an ambitious
agenda of cooperation with US world-
leading universities in a broad array of
academic fields and disciplines.
centralized approach to managing the
computer system.
UAEU Bulk SMS Service
Colleges and Departments are now able
to send immediate and fast short text
messages that alert students, faculty, staff
and external customers/ partners of basic
useful and time sensitive information
such as current course grades, class
schedules, assignment/ project due
dates, class cancelations, payroll deposits,
or informing vendors of payments.
Fulbright Scholars & Student
This year the UAEU once again
supported the endeavors for
partnership and collaboration in the
area of education with world-leading
American universities and institutions by
participating in educational exchanges
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