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UAEU Annual Report
There are many factors which have
contributed to the raising of UAEU’s
profile towards international levels of
eminence, most of them related to the
university’s efforts to enhance its research
capability and level of activity: recruitment
of high quality, research-active faculty,
development of doctoral degree
programs, funding of research projects
by faculty and their collaborators in other
institutions and industry and government,
the development of research institutes in
selected fields of high value, a university-
wide graduate research training
program, and broad-scale international
UAEU is ranked as #1 Research University
in the GCC, #2 in the Arab world, #9 in
the Muslim world, and #338 globally.
UAEU partnerships with institutions and
scholars worldwide bring an additional
level of excellence to the university›s
research output. 2011/12 is a landmark
year in the history of the university
because the UAEU was ranked in the
top 50 of those universities that have
been established in the past 50 years
Research Projects Funding
UAEU currently has 539 ongoing
Research Projects, which are
predominantly funded internally, and
through the Emirates Foundation,
National Research Foundation (NRF),
and other external sources. Additional
project are funded through the Ministry
of Cabinet Affairs, and the Ministry of
Environment & Water with funding
provided for 18 projects.
In 2011, UAEU faculty contributed 420
papers at international conferences
and produced 447 publications, while
in the first half of 2012, UAEU faculty
have already contributed 175 papers at
international conferences and produced
161 publications.
Research Training
As a research-intensive university, the
UAEU is actively engaged in research
training, to provide the leaders of the
future with the skills, qualifications and
experience they will need in their careers.
Talented undergraduate students have
opportunities for gaining research
experience in their coursework. In
addition, UAEU has a wide array of
graduate programs at Masters level,
several doctoral programs, and an active
National Faculty Development Program.
- Masters Programs
UAEU has 31 graduate programs in
nine Colleges, with eight more Masters
Programs under review. There are
currently 651 students enrolled in 24
Masters programs
- PhD Program
The UAE’s first national university PhD
program has grown since its inception
and after starting with 38 students in
January 2010, currently has 139 PhD
students across six Colleges, of which a
third are Emirati Nationals. This full-time
program involves one year of course
work followed by research and the
writing of a dissertation over a further 2
to 3 year period. Standards are high, with
admission and program quality managed
by the Board of Graduate Studies.
Goal 3
Developing the Research Mission
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