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UAEU Annual Report
issues that characterize global business
management today.
The Postgraduate Doctor of Pharmacy
is a professional program offered to 20
licensed pharmacists with an accredited
baccalaureate degree in pharmacy who
wish to earn a higher degree relevant to
clinical practice. The program is designed
and developed to satisfy the needs of
practicing pharmacists at health care
centers within the country.
- Teaching Assistants & National
Faculty Development Program
Teaching Assistants are currently hired by
the UAEU and expected to return with
PhDs and join the 173 national faculty
members: 50 out of 62 applications
to the NFDP were funded in 2012 to
attend international conferences, and
National Development programs were
coordinated internally and internationally
with the Fulbright program in the US and
Erasmus Mundus in the EU.
The program has proved successful in
advancing fundamental and applied
research that addresses challenges of
national and international interest with
focus on areas such as health, energy,
water resources, environment and
nanotechnology. This doctoral program
is aimed at educating and training
graduates to meet the needs of the
Nation, and provides them with skills
and knowledge for their scientific and
professional careers.
The College of Business and Economics
offers the part-time Doctorate of Business
Administration (DBA) to 30 students. The
DBA has been designed for research-
oriented working professionals and senior
level executives. It is aimed at expanding
their management knowledge and
equipping them with broad research and
process management skills that enable
them to understand, and successfully
tackle the interdisciplinary, big picture
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