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UAEU Annual Report
educational programs in semiconductors
and microelectronics, a major theme in
Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification
- UAEU-NRF Research Grant
Competition 2011
UAEU opened a new Research Grant
Competition. Out of 138 pre-proposal
submissions, 81 were selected for full
proposal submission. After a second
cycle of evaluation by external reviewers,
49 projects qualified and were given
a research grant by December 2011.
The total funding provided to support
this research on projects of national
importance was about AED 13 million.
Forty-eight of these research grants
that were funded initially in 2011 were
approved for second year funding
in 2012, after review of their annual
progress report.
UAEU also awarded research grants to
18 faculty members for research in areas
of national importance.
Prof. Waleed Hamza, UAEU Biology
Department was awarded a grant worth
USD 700,000 from the Qatar Foundation.
The project is a continuation of what
has been established at UAEU during
the last two years with a research fund
awarded by the Emirates Foundation,
in collaboration with the Max-Planck
Institute for Marine Microbiology in
Bremen-Germany (MPI). The project
title is “Nutritive Contribution of Sahara
dust to the Microbial Productivity of the
Arabian Gulf Marine Ecosystem: Sources,
fluxes and possible pathways�? and it will
cover areas between UAE and Qatar
territories in both inland and coastal
- Semiconductor Research Corporation
The Semiconductor Research
Corporation funded a research project
in the College of IT entitled “Ultra Low
Power Hybrid NEMS-CMOS�? with
the Principal Investigator being Prof.
Valeriu Beiu. UAEU is playing a key role
in the development of research and
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