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UAEU Annual Report
invention being a protocol that protects
WSNs against malicious attacks.
Research Management
Research and Graduate Studies at the
UAEU aims to assist faculty to obtain
external support for research grants,
administers internal grant programs, and
patent discoveries. It also aims to assist
in the development of new graduate
programs and maintain the quality of
these programs. One of its important
functions is the oversight of research
Conferences and Symposia
The 1st International Conference on
Engineering Geophysics
The four-day conference organized
in collaboration with the European
Association of Geoscientists and
Engineers was attended by 150
researchers from 24 countries. It was
oriented towards new applied and
theoretical approaches in engineering
geophysics as well as specific case studies
in civil engineering and environmental
applications. Ten companies displayed
their technologies at the exhibition
during the event, and a social activities
program was arranged for the visiting
delegates including tours to special
locations in Al Ain like the Al Ain Museum
and Al Ain Heritage Village.
- Business & Economics Research
The College of Business and Economics
conducted the 4th Annual Research
Symposium in Business and Economics.
Attendees represented 10 universities
and councils, and 27 papers were
presented during the one-day event.
The College also sponsored two
Summer Research Days, in which papers
generated from the Summer Research
Grant program were presented. The
June version of the Research Days was
co-sponsored by Tawazun with best
- UAEU-SQU Research Pre-Proposals
UAEU and Sultan Qaboos University
opened a joint Research Grant
Competition, receiving 24 pre-proposals
from four Colleges: four from the College
of Education, six from the College of
Engineering, 11 from the College of
Science, and three from the College of
Medicine and Health Sciences.
- College Research Grants
The College of Business and Economics
Summer Research Grants Program was
initiated in 2009 and has continued
through this year. The main objective
of the program is to encourage new
research streams among the faculty
to produce ongoing, good quality
research. The process is controlled by
strict guidelines emphasizing high quality
throughout. In 2012, there were 34
applications of which 24 were funded.
The total funding for the program was in
excess of one million dirhams.
The College of IT sponsored several
faculty members under its Research
Linkage Grants program to be immersed
in outstanding research environments
at institutions such as Georgia Tech,
Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, New York
University, EPFL (Lausanne), and
University of Toronto. The program has
led to significant ties and collaborations
with these institutions and has helped
faculty to connect with world leading
research groups.
Dr. Issa Khalil, from the College of IT, was
awarded US Patent number 8,107,397
for «Protocol for Secure and Energy-
Efficient Reprograming of Wireless Multi-
hop Sensor Networks (WSN).» Wireless
multi-hop sensor networks include
autonomous exchange of information
through wireless communication
between sensors without necessity
of a central controlling node with the
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