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UAEU Annual Report
Mohamed Al Fahim generously funded
best paper awards from among the
more than 100 entries from international
- Concept of Time in Science,
Philosophy and Theology
The 1st International Conference on The
Concept of Time in Science, Philosophy
and Theology was held, with the united
efforts of Departments in Science and
Humanities. It attracted participation by
scholars from 20 countries.
- College of Humanities and Social
Sciences Symposia
The College held the 5th International
Arabic Linguistic Symposium and the
annual Reviving the Arabic Language
academic festival was held for a week,
while Mass Communication held a two
day industry workshop with specialized
training in such advanced techniques
as 3D imagery for students from several
UAE universities.
- Civil Aviation
The College of Law conducted its 20th
Annual International Conference on Civil
Aviation under the National Legislations
and International Conventions.
paper awards for faculty in each of the
four departments.
- Engineering Conferences
The College of Engineering hosted
and contributed to the organizing
of four conferences: The GCC-
Japan Environment Symposium; the
3rd International Nanotechnology
Conference; the 2nd International
Renewable Energy Conference,
Generation and Applications; and also
co-organized with the College of Science
the International Geophysical and
Engineering Conference in association
with Al Ain Municipality and EAGE.
- Masdar Institute Workshop
The 1st Faculty of Science & Masdar
Institute Workshop on Present and
Future Sources of Sustainable Energies
was held covering a wide range of
present and future sources of sustainable
energies with special emphasize on
their implementation in the United Arab
- 2nd Annual Islamic Marketing
The College of Business and Economics
co-sponsored the second annual Islamic
Marketing Conference in Abu Dhabi. Mr.
Jan 21, 2013
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