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UAEU Annual Report
First OSPE Examination Center
A 75-seat computer-based Examination
Centre has also come into use recently.
The combined facility at the College
of Medicine and Health Sciences has
several clinical rooms equipped for
conducting OSPE’s (Objective Structured
Practical Evaluations) for clinical students.
These facilities are also now used for
post-graduate medical specialty exams.
This is the largest and most up-to-date
equipped facility in the country providing
computer based in-house and external
examinations. Proposals are being
considered for expansion of the seating
capacity from 75 to 187 to increase the
usage by external clients.
Student Development Unit
On moving into the new female campus,
the College of Education immediately
designated a Student Development Unit
(SDU) facility to enhance the students
learning potential and to take charge
and ownership of their learning and
professional development. The SDU
occupies three spaces including a small
library housing the textbooks for the
curriculum of the public schools, as
well as a tutoring space, a workspace/
meeting room with desktop computers
and color printer where candidates
prepare their assignments, and a
Facility Enhancement
Landscaping is underway in the Seih bin
Ammar complex with the removal of
the old building remaining and plans to
provide entertainment facilities, as well as
shading the car parking areas of SBA and
Maqam 5.
To facilitate the learning goals one of
the rooms at the administration building
in the SBA Complex was modified
and provided with a smart board for
educational sessions and training, which
was of great value with high student
satisfaction. All six residential buildings in
Maqam 3 have all new finishes and floor
coverings, with life safety improvements.
In addition, facilities for handicapped
accessibility on the new campus were
Clinical Skills & Simulation
Training Centre
New facilities were established in the
College of Medicine and Health Sciences
for training and assessment of students
with the furnishing of a 20,000-square-
meter Clinical Skills and Simulation
Training Centre. It has found valuable use
for demonstrating and teaching clinical
skills and medical procedures using
models and simulated patients.
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