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UAEU Annual Report
male and female graduation celebrations
for 2011/2012.
Entrepreneurship Awareness
Representatives from the Khalifa Fund for
Enterprise Development, the Abu Dhabi
Chamber of Commerce and PepsiCo
talked about women in business and
ways to get trade licenses and motivate
young Emiratis to be become business
people. The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank,
Al Sultan Hospital, and Dubai Skydive
funded the event.
A. M. Turing International Workshop
UAEU hosted an event to celebrate the
seminal work and legacy of A. M. Turing.
For his contributions to science, Turing
is recognized as an ingenious innovator
of mathematical methods, the father of
modern computers, a visionary theorist
of artificial intelligence, and the initiator of
avant-garde trends in theoretical biology.
Cultural Connections and
The American Corner
With the aim to promote mutual
understanding between the United
States and the United Arab Emirates, The
American Corner was established as a
partnership with the Public Affairs section
of the US Embassy., The American Corner
offers research and learning facilities,
along with resources and programs on US
culture and business, studying and doing
College of Food and Agriculture Al Foah
farm, as part of a project funded by the
Emirates Foundation to demonstrate
technology transfer, educational and
outreach learning for stakeholders. This
event provided an opportunity for all
visitors to view and discuss the benefits
and practical implications of organic
farming systems. The demonstration farm
was established according to the UAE
standards and has received certification
from the Ministry of Environment and
Water. The attendees of the field day
included farmers, researchers, students
and alumni.
The Department of Food Science
organized the 2nd Food Science Day,
with participation of international
speakers from Pakistan, Thailand, Czech
Republic, and Germany. This annual
workshop exposed students to research
issues and connected the university
with stakeholders in UAE, including
municipalities and industries in UAE and
was sponsored by five main stakeholders.
Renewable Energy Competition
The College of Engineering held its
2nd Renewable Energy Competition,
sponsored by DEWA. Several companies
also sponsored the Electrical Engineering
Male and Female Students Activity
Day and Mechanical Engineering
Female Activity Day, while the National
Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC) and
Mubadala have sponsored the College
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