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UAEU Annual Report
Message from
the Provost
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yousif Hasan Baniyas,
Provost & Chief Academic Officer
ur UAEU is the first accredited University established by the UAE
government, and is therefore the Flagship institution in the UAE. It is well
staffed with qualified faculty, eminent researchers, experienced educators
and motivated students. As such, we have produced graduates of international
caliber who serve the community at the highest level and have obtained
prominent positions in the country.
The UAEU produces well prepared and qualified students who are experts in their
fields and have acquired excellent knowledge of the subject matter. Our aim is
to further develop and advance skills of students in preparation for meeting the
demands of the labor market. This is done through enriching the educational
programs with skills such as leadership, communication, and the use of the new
technologies, with the expectation that students will improve their practical
training and development to be in an even better position to serve the Nation.
The UAEU employs very capable faculty who are recognized nationally and
internationally for their innovation and research contributions. Their research
is focused on problems of national importance, and we are very proud of their
research achievements and scientific publications in reputable international
journals. We envisage expanding collaboration between scientific groups and
bringing researchers together to form the foundation for specialized research
centers. These centers will enable us to respond better to the need of UAE
society and tackle challenges faced globally. Examples include educational
technology, water, applied biotechnology, energy & environment, strategic policy
& leadership, and sustainable development. Being so richly endowed, the UAEU is
well positioned for the future.�?
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017