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Research Emphasis
Research is the engine that drives advancement in technology, agriculture, medicine, law, the economy
and science; research drives policy and underpins growth in knowledge-based economies. UAEU has a
strong research mission.
Student Life
Students from all seven Emirates plus more than 54 countries enrich and enliven the campus and the
classrooms. The 6,750 students who live on campus enjoy a full range of organized campus activities
and events that add a unique educational value and vibrant dimension to each student’s academic
program. Classrooms and labs feature state-of-the-art equipment and instructional technology to
enhance student learning and contribute to academic success.
The 56,895 UAEU graduates contribute to their communities and provide leadership throughout
the UAE, the Gulf region and, increasingly, the global community. UAEU is committed to the human
development goals and cultural values expressed by Sheikh Zayed in establishing UAEU as the national
university in 1976.
Fourty two faculty were promoted this year and 40 new faculty were recruited during the year. Fourteen
Emirati Nationals were appointed through the National Teaching Assistants (TA) Program, all of whom
have been sent abroad to pursue their graduate studies. Three TAs obtained their PhDs abroad and
returned to the UAEU and took on Assistant Professor appointments during the past year.
The University is proud to have 169 Emirati National faculty, representing almost 23% of all faculty, and
over 43% of staff positions being Emirati Nationals.
Wide Range of Strong Bachelor’s Degree Programs
UAEU recognizes its special responsibility to the community by making knowledge and resources
readily accessible. Close to 639 faculty, 98 Instructors, 258 UFP Lecturers add unique quality to every
undergraduate degree and unparalleled academic opportunities for students.
Oct 9, 2013
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