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United Arab Emirates University Degrees
College of Science
Bachelor of Science in:
Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Biology
with concentration in:
Cellular & Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology,
General Biology; and Geology
with concentration in:
Petroleum Geology, Applied
Master of Science in:
Chemistry; Mathematical Sciences; Physics; Molecular
Biology and Biotechnology; and Environmental Sciences.
PhD in:
Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics; and Geology.
College of Engineering
Bachelor of:
Architectural Engineering; Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering;
Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Petroleum Engineering.
Master of Science in:
Architectural Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical
Engineering; Civil Engineering; Water Resources; Engineering Management;
Materials Science and Engineering; Petroleum Geosciences; Petroleum Engineering;
and Chemical Engineering
PhD in:
Material Science and Engineering; Civil Engineering; Mechanical
Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Water Resources; Architectural Engineering;
Chemical Engineering; and Petroleum Engineering.
College of Law
Bachelor in:
Master in:
Private Law; Public Law; and International Trade Law.
College of Business and Economics
Bachelor of:
Accounting; Economics; Finance and Banking; Statistics; and
Management Information Systems
Marketing; Supply Chain
Management and Logistics; Entrepreneurship; and Human Resource Management
and Development.
Master of:
Business Administration; and Professional Accounting.
Professional Doctorate:
Doctorate of Business Administration.
College of Humanities and
Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in:
Geography; Mass Communication; Arabic Language and
Literature; English Literature; Linguistics; History; Applied Linguistics/ TESOL;
Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Translation Studies; Leadership and
Society; Tourism Studies; Philosophy; and French Language.
Bachelors of
: Social
Master in:
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems; and Governance
and Public Policy.
Master of:
Social Work; and Clinical Psychology.
Doctor of Philosophy.
Oct 9, 2013
Dec 7, 2017