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During 2012/2013 UAEU continued to focus a lot of its efforts on preparing students for productive
careers and making UAEU graduates highly sought after as employees in the UAE government, private
and non-profit sector.
Essential Capabilities
UAEUdevelopedand implementedfive “essential capabilities”with learningoutcomes for undergraduates
which are frequently cited by employers as essential. These include (1) Arabic language proficiency,
(2) English language proficiency, (3) numerical literacy, (4) critical thinking and independent scholarly
enquiry, and (5) skills and values transferable to employment, further study and informed and engaged
Launch of University College
The enhancement of undergraduate studies was facilitated by the establishment of University College
which consists of four constituent units: the University Foundation Program (UFP); the Center for
Student Academic Success & Advising (SASA); General Education; and the Center for Career Planning
and Placement (CCPP).
The UFP provides developmental help to students from high school who need additional instruction in
Arabic, English & mathematics before they are ready to take on college level work. The SASA provides
academic support services through Learning Centers that include: The Writing Centers; Speaking
Centers; Tutorial Centers; and Independent Learning Centers. These centers received over 41,000
student visits in 2012-13. The General Education program offers students 92 choices of courses,
taught through the Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Law, Food and Agriculture,
Engineering, Education, Business and Economics, and Information Technology in order to complete
their “breadth requirements” for graduation. The program encompasses about a third of the curriculum
and ensures that students are equipped with core knowledge, values, attitudes and skills that will
help them succeed in their studies, lives and careers. Additionally, the program enhances the students’
capacity for teamwork, leadership and innovation that will help them successfully guide the economic,
social and cultural development of the UAE. The CCPP offer Career Planning Services, Internship &
Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) Services and Graduate Placement Services.
Graduate Studies
A total of 796 students enrolled in 26 graduate programs offered at UAEU for 2012/2013, of which 97
were PhD students.
UAEU approved a number of new master programs to commence in Fall 2013 including: Master of
Social Work (MSW); Master of Professional Accounting; and Masters of Engineering Management in
Abu Dhabi.
Oct 9, 2013
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