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Academic Quality Assurance
The University established an Academic Quality Assurance Unit to help the University with consistency
of quality across programs, and with respect to university-wide academic goals. Some projects that will
be undertaken by this unit include establishing an electronic curriculum tracking system (“CurricUNET”),
and drafting policy for institution-wide program review.
Student Recruitment and Admission
The College of Engineering routinely seeks out company sponsorship for students and this year the total
number of sponsored students has reached 568 students from companies such as ADNOC, Mubadala,
Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Construction, and Tawazun among many others.
The UAEU Enrollment Deanship and the University Foundation Program jointly offered a Foundation
Fast Track Program in 2012-13 to qualified and outstanding Grade 12 national students which gave
them the opportunity to satisfy preparatory requirements in Arabic, IT and Math by taking accelerated
on-campus courses and exit exams during the school trimester break in December-January. The results
were impressive, with all 81 students achieving their IT and Algebra requirements, 98% achieving their
Arabic requirements and 76% achieving their Trigonometry requirements.
UAEU enabled high school students (grade 12) and their parents to experience university life by
organizing the 2nd Student Camp titled ‘UAEU My 2nd Home’. The event lasted three days and included
lectures, entertainment tours inside the hostels, and tradition and heritage workshops. Additionally, 17
schools from different emirates visited UAEU during the academic year.
Enhancement of Undergraduate Placement
The University providesmany opportunities for students tomeet face to facewith prospective employers.
The College of Engineering held its annual ‘Industry Walk’ exhibition where different entities and
authorities exhibited their organizations to the students informing them of internships, sponsorships,
and career opportunities available.
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