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Internships and Student Experiences
Five female Geology students were competitively selected by Japan Oil Development Company (JODC)
to spend their summer on an internship at Japan.
Rana Dawoud, a student from the Nutrition and Health Department completed her internship in the
School of Higher Education in Public Health in France where she spent 4 full months among a team of
international experts in public health, working on understanding the environmental causes associated
with health status and efficient public health promotion strategies.
The Industrial Training and Graduation Project Unit in the College of Engineering has placed 280 students
in 121 national and international companies with 4 female students trained abroad in France with
Airbus and Dassault. Two students from the College of Engineering were also selected to participate in
the UAE Young Ambassador Program in South Korea/China.
A senior female law student has started a legal internship with Mubadala’s aerospace enterprise
STRATA. In addition, 5 students from the College of Law attended the Permanent Court of Arbitration
(PCA) program at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. The program provides law students with
the opportunity to prepare for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, regularly
held in Vienna, Austria, enabling them to gain insight into both the practical and legal aspects of
international arbitration.
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