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- An Agribusiness student received an Excellence Student Research Award at the International Confer
ence on Applied Life Sciences in Turkey for her scientific paper titled ‘Demand for Gasoline in the
United Arab Emirates’. Only 7 papers out of the 67 papers presented received this excellence award.
- UAEU won 1st place in the ‘GCC Universities Art Competition’ and 3rd place in the GCC Universities
Quran Reciting Competition organized by ImamMohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia.
- UAE Higher Education Sports Federation ran a series of sporting competitions among higher educa-
tion institutions in the UAE. UAEU won 2nd place in the chess and football tournament, and 3rd place
in the swimming competition.
- UAEU won 3rd place in the ‘Dubai Customs Award of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)’ 2013.
- Youssef Al Alaoui, a student from the College of Business & Economics was selected to participate in
the Sheikh Mohamed Scholarship Program (SMSP). This program provides students with classes at
NYU Abu Dhabi and an all-expenses paid masters at NYU in New York.
- Three students from the Department of Accounting were awarded Certified Management Accounting
(CMA) scholarships by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
- Four students from the College of Medicine & Health Sciences who participated in the United States
Licensing Medical Examination (USMLE) scored in the 99th centile. These students were therefore in
the top 1% of all students worldwide who participated in the examinations.
- Three linguistic students from the Department of Translation Studies received a scholarship to attend
the French Language Institution CAVILAM in Vichy, France.
- Four students from the College of Information Technology have developed a winning application
called ‘Tabekh Time’ (Cooking Time) which is a 2D game and the first mobile application developed
with Emirati dialect language to teach the cooking of Emirati cuisine in an entertaining way.
- A Student from the College of Information Technology scooped 2nd prize at the Human Robot Interac-
tion conference that was held in Tokyo Japan for their Smiling Recycling Bin invention which has been
proven to encourage recycling.
Oct 9, 2013
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