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Career Preparation Programs
During the academic year 2012/13, the Center for Career Planning & Placement (CCPP) provided 233
individual career counseling sessions and consultations, 15 group career counseling sessions and 42
career related workshops and outreach programs/presentations to equip students with the needed
employability skills and to prepare them for the world of work. Major topics covered during the programs
included: Work Ethics; Excellence at the Work Place; Steps to Interview Success, among many others.
Additionally, the Center launched a university-wide Career Readiness Program (CRP) designed to
prepare and evaluate UAEU final-year students in writing an effective resume and succeeding in job
interviews. The CRP material included presentations on Writing an Effective Resume, Interview Success
and resource material such as resume templates and self-assessment forms. In addition to this the
Center organized 27 workshops with a total of 610 final year students attending.
For the second year in a row, the Center and DU partnered in an effort to prepare senior students for
the job market. Final-year students from all colleges were invited to be part of the 2013 ‘Work Skills
Training Program’. The program consisted of 8 courses carefully designed to equip university students
with the needed skills to find, join and excel at the workplace.
Extra-Curricular Programs
- The College of Science launched the ‘Deans Lecture Series for Science Students’ to enhance students’
awareness of up-to-date scientific achievements and innovations through a series of general lectures
delivered by faculty members.
- The College of Law established a strong collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Ad
vanced International Studies and initiated a permanent global program where colleges of law around
the Middle East conduct legal research, collaborate with each other, and draft model laws (e.g. Elderly
Rights and Housemaids’ Protection).
- The Economics and Finance Club went on a field trip to the Dubai Financial Market to learn how stock
trading works and to visit the trading floor.
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