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- The Entrepreneurship Club organized two Entrepreneurship events ‘Inspire Talks’ and ‘It’s Time to Start Your
Own Business’ with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurship within the university community.
- MBA students attended a study week in Paris that included numerous events, seminars and talks delivered by
top CEOs.
- As part of creating a better living learning experience, more than 60 educational sessions took place in the
student housing during the last two semesters that included workshops, seminars, social and cultural activities.
- The Department of Geology organized the ‘Winter Applied Geosciences Experience’ (WAGE) where 12 female
students under the supervision of faculty members participated in the outdoor field research in the Ajareb
Mountain. WAGE is first of its kind educational female camping activity at UAEU.
Oct 9, 2013
Dec 7, 2017