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- Advanced Computer Based Examination Center
CMHS has also developed an advanced Computer Based Examination Center which has been built to
international standards for all internal and external assessments. The Center is accredited by Pearson
VUE International and is used by the American College of Dermatologists for its in-residency training
Student Training
- Al Maktoum College of Higher Education in Scotland
14 students from UAEU were selected to participate in a one month long intensive training program at
the Al Maktoum College of Higher Education in Scotland. The program was titled “Multiculturalism and
Leadership” and was sponsored by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai
and the Minister of Finance and Industry.
- Medical Students Complete Research in the UK
4 top students from the College of Medicine & Health Sciences completed their research project in
various universities in the United Kingdom, learning new lab methods and techniques, and visiting
hospitals and scientific museums. Bushra Ahmad Kamalboor, studied dementia at the Wolfson Centre
for Age-Related Diseases at King’s College London while Amira Yousef Al Ahmadi, a first-year medical
student, conducted research at the Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol.
- EEG Lab
1- The Department of Linguistics established its own EEG Lab dedicated to the study of the neurophys-
iology of language processing, with a focus on Arabic. The Lab is the only one of its kind in the Arab
2- The Department of Geography and Urban Planning provided different training workshops for students
in ARCGIS, SuperGEO , Geomedia, Oracle, Matlab, and SPSS software in collaboration with GESTIC.
Additionally, the Department of Arabic Language & Literature organized a training course for students
in the Theatrical Art of Writing the Text.
National Research Centers
Zayed Center for Global Health
With generous support from Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, a center
to promote global health teaching and researchwas established at the College ofMedicine &Health Sciences.
The new Zayed Center for Health Sciences is structured as a virtual center that aims to harness expertise and
resources across departments and colleges within UAEU, and to collaborate with healthcare institutions and
organizations in the UAE and internationally. Regular seminars from international experts in global health
have been organized. The speakers included many from prestigious institutions such as Oxford University,
Harvard Medical School, University of California, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and the WHO. Zayed Center
has succeeded in facilitating collaborative research between several partner institutions including Harvard
Medical School and the National Rehabilitation Center. The Zayed Center for Global Health saw a significant
increase in the number of activities in the past academic year:
Oct 9, 2013
Dec 7, 2017