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UAEU takes pride in its commitment towards achieving international standards in everything it
does and therefore continues to link the University with the global higher education and research
communities and to ensure that our processes and outcomes are at the level displayed by the world’s
leading universities.
Curriculum Development, Accreditation and Certification
- Curriculum Development: Repurposing the University Foundation IT Course to Academic Prac-
The University Foundation IT Program fully embraced the mobile learning initiative in the spring of
2012, piloting an abbreviated tablet-based course in the second half of the semester and using that
experience to develop a semester-length inquiry-based mobile-learning course in time to offer it to
all new students in Fall 2012. Entitled ‘Academic Practices’, this course facilitated tablet literacy and
promoted an inquiry-based approach to learning.
Curriculum Development: Refocusing the UFP Arabic Curriculum on Communication Skills
The UFP Arabic Program is refocusing its curriculum to concentrate solely on enhancing academic Arabic
communication skills. In addition, the syllabus is being comprehensively shifted from its grammar-based
emphasis to an emphasis on communicative skillfulness in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
- Additionally all Colleges continue to monitor, review and update their curriculums on an annual basis,
gaining advice from industry experts and ensuring they are up-to-date with international standards.
The Executive Advisory Board of the College of Business and Economics (CBE) chaired by Mr.
Mohammad Al Fahim, honorary chairman of the Al FahimGroup along with 15 boardmembers provided
advice and input into the curriculum and college activities and validated the changes in the economics
undergraduate curriculum. The CBE also approved the reforming of the Economics major due to the
increased demand from the community for more well trained Economics majors. The Department
of Mass Communication developed a new curriculum according to the international standards of
ACEJMC, the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.
- The College of Food and Agriculture received an Integrated Management Systems, Pass 99 certificate
which aims to improve the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental best practice. The college has
also been certified against the following standards - Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001:2008,
Environmental Management System: ISO 14001:2004, Health and Safety Management System:
OHSAS 18001: 2007, Food Safety Management System: ISO 220000:2005 and Quality Management
– Customer Satisfaction: ISO 10002:2004. The Animal Nutrition Lab at the College of Food and
Agriculture has been certified by the National Forage Testing Association (NFTA), Omaha Nebraska.
The new Bachelor and Masters of Social Work programs are commensurate with international
standards as the Department of Social Work is a member of the International Association of School
of Social Work (NASSW).
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