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UAEU Mobile Learning & iTunes U
From April 2012, UAEU began to integrate mobile learning into the daily lives of students and instructors
and to show that the technological revolution in mobile devices can be harnessed – in classrooms,
laboratories and lecture theatres, but especially outside the classroom – to improve the quality of both
teaching and learning. The project was piloted in the University Foundation Program, where teachers
were trained in the use of tablets and apps (more than 100 workshops), as well as converting course
texts to digital format.
Following on from the positive results received at foundation level, UAEU continues to innovate in
digital learning, implementing mobile learning in several courses in its degree programs. The College of
Engineering started implementing the iPad project in 2013 starting with 9 courses delivered to 1st year
classes in Science and Engineering. The first batch of courses was developed in Spring 2013 and piloted
with a couple of sections for each course which will then be fully implemented in Fall 2013.
Other developments that capitalize on the move to mobile learning are currently under way. The most
significant of these was the launch of the UAEU iTunes U site, the world’s largest online catalog of free
educational content and the launch of a major project, with Apple, to enhance the Arabic language
capabilities in the iOS and software such as iBook Author.
Oct 9, 2013
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