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Alumni, Students and Faculty Surveys
During the academic year, UAEU conducted a number of surveys. The prime objective of these surveys
was to assess students’ and employees’ perceptions about the UAEU and to evaluate their satisfaction
with the quality of academic and administrative services provided at UAEU.
The Alumni Survey of the 32nd Cohort indicated that employment rate among the male graduates’ was
77% while female employment rate was 20%. Of the employed graduates (82%) were UAE nationals.
Almost nine in ten of the alumni robustly expressed their satisfaction with the services and standard of
education provided, the respondents did not limit themselves to the services only, but they significantly
showed their confidence towards what they learnt and how the education and training which they
experienced during their time at the UAEU impacted and transformed their personalities.
The Employee Satisfaction survey showed that 80% of the employees were significantly satisfied with the
work environment and the services offered at UAEU. Almost 75% expressed their satisfaction that the
UAEU management appreciates their efforts and contribution. Seven in ten of the employees agreed that
UAEU provides opportunities to undertake personal and professional development, thus endorsing the
commitment of UAEU to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to its workforce.
Fulbright Scholars and Student Program
UAEU appreciates the endeavors for partnership and collaboration in the area of education with world-
leading American universities and institutions.
The University continues to have a strong desire to participate in educational exchange of activities such
as the Fulbright Program. Through this program, about 25 scholars from both the UAE and the U.S., who
were selected for their academic excellence and leadership potential, had the opportunity to study and
teach in each other’s country, exchange ideas, and providing joint solutions to several problems.
Continuing Education Center (CEC)
The CEC continues its active involvement in the community by delivering 128 training courses, reaching
1,693 trainees and totaling 3,063 contact hours of instruction.
The CEC also hosted a free workshop for the community titled ‘Women’s Professional and Personal
Development Program’.
Oct 9, 2013
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