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Schools Outreach Programs
- College of Education
The Department of Special Education held a forum on “Best Practices in Special Education” for school
teachers, university professors, researchers, administrators, parents of students with disabilities, and
other school professionals. The Foundations of Education Department also held the annual forum on
‘Excellence in Education: Theoretical Views and Practical Application’. The Curriculum & Instruction
Department held forums for teachers on science, mathematics and English language instruction.
- Sayfuna Mumayez Summer Program
The Continuing Education Center at UAEU in collaboration with ADEC hosted a summer program
for 1,200 students under the name of ‘Sayfuna Mumayez’ teaching them English, ICDL, web design,
robotics and social media.
- Schools Garden Initiative
The Nutrition and Health Department in the College of Food & Agriculture in collaboration with the
WorldHealthOrganizationCollaborating Center inNutrition and the Food andAgricultureOrganization
(FAO) organized a three day workshop to create a new manual & teaching toolkit for running school
gardens under the current climate conditions in the UAE in an effort to overcome malnutrition and
promote healthy eating.
- UAEU’s 11th Math Day
More than 200 high school students from various educational zones schools in the country attended
the 11th Math Day at UAEU which was held to introduce students to the importance of mathematics
and how it overlaps in our daily lives as well as introducing them to the newest methods used in this
Oct 9, 2013
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