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The whole educational process at the University aims at enabling the student to obtain a proper and
ambitious status that meets the development expectations of the UAE as well as the job market needs.
Four main goals have been identified to prepare leading and pioneer graduates in their majors and
specializations. Firstly, we will look at improving the recruitment and admission process to enhance
the quality of admitted students by providing high school students and new students at UAEU with
effective advising programs and encouraging them to enrol in the majors required by the job-market.
Secondly, we will continue to develop the scientific research capacity and innovation in the areas
of national and regional importance including developing a range of Research Centers that match
international standards, establishing active research partnerships nationally and internationally,
promoting TA Programs to prepare nationals to become effective researchers as well as to increase
focus on the quality and quantity of the published research in international refereed journals, increase
undergraduate and graduate students participation in the University research efforts, direct graduate
students in the University to the scientific research fields and increase opportunities for undergraduate
students to conduct research projects in their field of study.
The third goal highlights the importance of achieving academic excellence in accordance with academic
accreditation and institutional accreditation in order to ensure that the academic procedures and
outputs in UAEU keep pace with best international standards.
Lastly, to promote the University’s role in knowledge and skills transfer to serve the society and to
ensure that administrative services are provided according to the quality, efficiency and transparency
Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Chancellor of UAEU
Chancellor’s Vision (2012/2013 Statement)
Oct 9, 2013
Dec 7, 2017