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- Future UAE Energy and Environment Leaders (FUE2L) Competition
A total of 160 students from different high schools across the UAE participated in the first FUE2L
Competition which was organized by the College of Engineering to highlight the importance of energy
and the environment, particularly renewable energy which is one of main priorities of the government
and research centers in the UAE. The competition consisted of two parts: Energy and Environment
Projects Competition which involved creating a prototype and poster and a Car Race Competition
which included 22 cars utilizing clean power source.
- Journey Around the World and the GIS Summit 2013
The Department of Geography & Urban Planning invited a number of local schools and embassies to
participate in the department’s activities that included Journey Around the World and the GIS Summit
Conferences and Events
- UAEU’s 3rd Health, Nutrition & Fitness Exhibition
The exhibition which was organized by the Students Activities and Leadership Unit with the aim to
spread awareness of the types of health services available and to promote a healthy lifestyle among
students and the UAEU community. The exhibition also provided an opportunity to create an interest
among students interested in working in the medical/health field.
Oct 9, 2013
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