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- Scientific Cultural Challenge Contest
The Cultural Challenge competition saw wide participation by higher education institutions in the coun-
try whom interacted in a friendly cultural competition with 1st place going to the American University
of Sharjah AUS, 2nd place UAEU and 3rd place the College of Islamic & Arabic Studies in Dubai.
- Nobel Prize Winner Prof Jean-Marie Lehn
The College of Science had the honor to host Prof Jean-Marie Lehn, the prestigious Nobel Laureate from
the University of Strassbourg (France), who holds the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987. Prof Lehn gave
an exciting talk to students entitled ‘From Matter To Life: Chemistry? Chemistry!’.
- Green Week
The College of Engineering organized the first Green Week event with a theme of ‘Think Green’ to increase
the students’ awareness regarding the preservation of the environment and applying green strategies in
their daily life.
Oct 9, 2013
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