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- Law Consultations & Seminars
The College of Law consolidated its community service programs by effectuating and expanding the
scope of the service provided by the College to the public and private sectors such as legal consultations
to the Municipality of Al Ain, publication of legal updates pertaining to relevant UAE laws, and holding
open public seminars to raise awareness on the role of civil society groups in sustainable development.
- Take Action and Make Deeds
Students from the Mass Communication Department launched a campaign to promote voluntary work
amongst Emirati woman, with a slogan ‘Take Action and Make Deeds’ in collaboration with a group of
voluntary & charitable organizations and foundations in the UAE.
- National Salt Intake Reduction
The WHO Collaborating Center in Nutrition at the Nutrition & Health Department, College of Food
& Agriculture organized the 1st steering committee meeting to implement the ‘Salt Intake Reduction
Campaign 2012-2014’. The aim of this campaign is to increase public awareness of the lifestyle risk
factors for hypertension, such as high salt intake and low physical activity levels.
- Consultancy Services
The College of Education provides consultancy services for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry
of Education, the Abu Dhabi Education Council, Al-Ain Rehabilitation Center, Hamdan Award, Berlin
Health Consultancy LLC, The Health Medical Services L.L.C., Zayed Higher Organization, Autism Unit,
and Almostashar Consultancy Services, amongst others
The Physical Education Department has developed strong relationships with various national
organizations such as the Ministry of Education, the Armed Forces and various sport clubs. As a result,
faculty members have offered their expertise to these organizations by offering many lectures in public
schools, leading symposium discussions and conducting various presentations, and offering numerous
workshops. Additionally, all faculty members in the Physical Education Department have been involved
in developing ADEC’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
The Social Work Department is involved in many training, consultations, evaluations, and development
projects with different organizations and agencies such as: Licensing for Social Professions Project with
the Community Development Authority, Dubai; Social Work Practice Skills Training Diploma, Community
Development Authority, Dubai; Social Work Practice Skills in the Field of Substance Abuse Training
Diploma, National Rehabilitation Center, Abu Dhabi; The Orphan Day Exhibition, Dar Zayed, Abu Dhabi;
among many others.
Oct 9, 2013
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