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UAEU ensures that institutional services, infrastructure, and finances provide the best possible service
and support to the core university activities of research and education.
The University’s Emiratization strategy was approved by the Executive and communicated to Deans and
Directors early in the year. The strategy identified targeted staff positions across the campus and HR
has been working with hiring teams to ensure that unit specific replacement or recruitment strategies
are developed and implemented to meet the objectives of 75% by 2016.
National Faculty Development & Teaching Assistants Program
The program has so far assisted in the graduation of approximately 300 Emirati faculty members, in
which two-thirds are currently employed at the University while the rest are working in other national
organizations. 14 Emirati Nationals this year were appointed through the National Teaching Assistants
(TA) Program, all of whom have been sent abroad to pursue their graduate studies.
In addition to this the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is working with the National
Faculty Development Program to provide a series of workshop for new Emirati Faculty and TAs.
Transition to the New Campus Facilities
With the University’s move to a new state-of-art 80 hectare campus, ensuring a proper installation of
the internet backbone and other audio and video capabilities was a major undertaking by the Campus
Development Department (CDD) and UITS. The implementation was successfully completed without
any major issues. Additionally, CDD successfully moved all furniture and equipment to the new campus.
Oct 9, 2013
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