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Technological Transformation
Arabic Index Application or ‘Al Kashaf’ is a new system that was implemented to assist the Libraries
Deanship in managing and indexing all Arabic Journals for easy search and rapid access.
The Department of Linguistics purchased and is in the process of setting up a language learning Lab
equipped with the Robotel Smartclass and System.
CETL organize bi-weekly ‘Provost’s Series on New Technologies in Education’ workshops showcasing
effective uses of technology on campus and projects that deserve attention across the disciplines.
Cloud Computing
UAEU is known in this region as the role model when it comes to adopting modern technologies. Cloud
computing is one of the modern era opportunities which can dramatically decrease the IT services and
infrastructure cost. UAEU has adopted this and rolled out a robust and high performance private and
public cloud infrastructure based on Citrix XenApp, VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) and Microsoft
Office365 Cloud.
In parallel to private cloud infrastructure, UAEU also adopted the trend of offloading the on premises
workloads with external cloud providers. There was an important demand to communicate with the
University’s 35,000+ Alumni students. Therefore, UAEU decided to host their mailboxes with “Microsoft
Office365” public cloud provider.
Oct 9, 2013
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