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- Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade
UAEU upgraded all existing wireless APs to support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11n b/g/n radios
simultaneously, and to ensure compatibility with the new mobile learning devices. Now all faculty and
students are able to enjoy the stable and high performance wireless connectivity across the whole
- Language Interpretation System
UAEU implemented a language interpretation system for the Crescent building basement auditorium
which will support simultaneous translation between three languages.
- Student Notification System
A new service has been initiated to provide a mobile phone short messaging service (SMS) to send text
messages to students’ parents notifying them of unexplained absences.
- Transportation Tracking System
A new transportation tracking system has been put in place to track University vehicles and to manage
the University fleet. The system also allows students to book their seats in advance on the buses.
Faculty Promotion & Recruitment
A total of 52 applications for academic promotions to the ranks of Associate Professor and Professor were
received at the beginning of the current Academic Year from faculty members in the different Colleges.
Of these, 42 applications were successful. 13 faculty members have been promoted to the academic rank
of Professor and 29 faculty members have been promoted to the academic rank of Associate Professor.
In addition to this, 40 new faculty were recruited during the year and 3 Teaching Assistants obtained their
PhDs abroad and returned to work at UAEU as Assistant Professors.
The university is proud to have 169 Emirati National faculty, representing almost 23% of all faculty, and
over 43% of staff positions being Emirati Nationals.
Revised Budget/Procurement, and Polices
The Secretary Generals Division continues to take an active role in establishing budget controls that ensure
financial resources are well managed and properly allocated in support of the University strategic plan
and goals. Currently, a monthly potential savings analysis is conducted between the Budget and Human
Resources departments. The SG Division also continues to review the current policies and procedures and
develops new ones, with a focus on improving performance and achieving excellence in service delivery.
Oct 9, 2013
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