The United Arab Emirates University organizes training workshops and an art exhibition

To develop student abilities: 

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The Center for Career Placement and Alumni in the Career Planning Department at the United Arab Emirates University organized a workshop on the application of professional tests to decide on a major on Sunday, 17th of April 2016, on the UAEU campus. It was done in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences also organized the fourth exhibition of student art.

Dr. Clinton Kennedy, an international trainer for professional development, spoke about the importance of applying professional tests to decide which major of study based on the latest information, how to create a work biography and how to prepare for interviews.

Professor Dr. Saif Al Qaydi, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, opened the fourth exhibition of student work. It included three types of art: 3D design, drawing and photography. The exhibition included more than 100 different works, reflecting the talent and creativity of the students. Dr. Mohammed Sadoun, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts said that, “the goal is to create artists, look at art as a profession and discover talent even if art is not the student’s major.”

These workshops reflect the university’s attempts to adopt better teaching and learning methods in order to raise the quality of higher education and provide educational services for the students of an international standard. UAEU seeks to build partnerships with other prestigious educational institutions, research centers, global organizations and businesses both regionally and internationally in order to share experiences and expertise.


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