UAEU organizes the twelfth annual meeting of the CMHS Alumni Association for faculty and students

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University organized the 12th annual meeting of the CMHS Alumni Association on the evening of Wednesday 18/5/2016, at the Hilton Hotel in Al Ain. It was organized with the Center  for Career Placement and Alumni to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 2005 graduate cohort of 33 doctors and physicians. Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment, Professor Dennis Templeton, Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and college staff nad students were all present.

Professor Templeton welcomed the 2005 alumnae and thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the evening. He said that, “this meeting aims to strengthen cooperation among doctors by networking and exchanging ideas to better serve the community. It is also an opportunity to motivate college students to spend more time and effort in acquiring professional experience.” He noted the college has graduated 700 doctors since its inception and stressed the college’s mission of supporting the health sector with qualified graduates as they work towards realizing the national vision of achieving leadership and excellence at regional and international levels.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Hammadi, Vice Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, added that, “this meeting is an opportunity to share experiences and memories”. He spoke about humanity and its role in community service while he reviewed a 10-year career of working in the health sector, his experiences, challenges he faced and the ethics and values of community service in this vital sector.

Dr. Ahmed Al Bannai of the Family Medicine and Urgent Care Department at Tawam Hospital gave a speech where he thanked the national university and the College of Medicine and Health Sciences for their contribution to the health sector. He asked the college students to work hard and take advantage of the enormous potential enjoyed by UAEU and the College of Medicine and Health Sciences as they strive to acquire knowledge.

Dr. Fatima Kaabi gave a speech on behalf of the female graduates from 2005. She talked about the college family the career path for female physicians. She discussed their roles in state hospitals and stressed the importance of female physicians in society. She urged the students to do more to participate in the development of the health sector in the UAE.

During the meeting, a video presentation was shown about doctors and faculty in the college over the last ten years. The 2005 cohort were honored with certificates and souvenirs.


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