United Arab Emirates University honors its distinguished researchers in 2015 within Innovation Week activities

 Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, honored the distinguished faculty researchers whose research papers were published in the most prestigious international journals in 2015. The event took place on November 22, 2016, at the College of Information Technology Theater on campus.  In attendance were the University’s deputies, deans, and a number of faculty members.

His Excellency Prof. Mohamed Albaili said: "One of the important roles of the United Arab Emirates University is the production of knowledge, which is reflected in the growing scientific research conducted by the faculty members and their work is published in global scientific journals.  The university has made this work one of its strategic goals since developing the capacity for scientific research and innovation in areas of national and regional."

Prof. Mohamed Albaili stated, "I hope that the number of researchers who publish their research in the top world magazines will double next year.  Nothing is impossible, and I thank the researchers in various scientific fields for their efforts, and the sector of Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies for supporting researchers.”

Forty-two faculty researchers from various colleges at the University published their research in the most prestigious scientific journals worldwide.  They were honored in order to encourage and motivate them to publish their research in the top ranked scientific journals, 1%, 5%, and 10%, through the use of SCOPUS database and (WOS) –a website for science.

The research papers tackled several issues in medicine, such as genetics, cancer treatments, and in agriculture, science, economics, humanities, and engineering.

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