The UAEU College of Science launches ‘Happiness in a Book’

The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) launched an initiative called ‘Happiness in a Book’ as part of the Year of Reading. This innovation was rolled out on Monday, 19th October, 2016 in the presence of Professor Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, faculty and students.

Professor Murad stated that, “This initiative will run during 2016-2017 and aims to encourage faculty, students and wider society to cultivate a habit of reading which is in line with the UAE’s vision.”

Each month a book will be given out to staff, faculty and students. The initiative also promotes research, the use of the imagination and encourages readers to ask questions and seek answers in that book. The first book selected was ‘Flashes of Wisdom’ by H.H. Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoom, which deals with the wisdom required to promote innovation, encourage leadership and also about the role of the government in serving the nation.”

Professor Murad handed out the book and followed it up with a session to discuss the content and the lessons that could be learned from it.


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