UAEU Social Club Organizes a Lecture on ‘Guidance for Special Needs Families’

The United Arab Emirates University’s Social Club (Al Multaqa) organized a lecture on Guidance for Special Needs Families on Tuesday, 9th May, 2017 in the IT building on campus. Ms. Fatima Al-Nuaimi, Director of the UAEU Social Club, and a number of faculty and students were present.  

The lecture was presented by Professor Mohammed Al Zyoudi from the Special Education Department. It aimed to raise awareness of the importance of early intervention to develop skills in special needs children. He also discussed having an understanding of the needs of handicapped children and offered guidance to families about appropriate medical, educational and social procedures and how to make sure of their rights.

Dr. Al Zyoudi discussed counseling and how important it is to be aware of handicapped children’s needs. He encouraged parents to attend seminars and educational programs, which provide appropriate guidance on how to deal with their special needs children.

Dr. Al-Zyoudi also discussed the impact of a special needs child, at different stages of their life, on their family. He explained the many obstacles faced by counseling programs, such as a lack of professionals and specialists in family counseling, and also a lack of tests and other standards that can give a more comprehensive view of the situation to the family concerned.

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