UAEU College of Science Launches a Competition to Find the ‘Best Science for Clean Water’

The College of Science at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) launched an initiative to find the ‘Best Science to Clean Water.’ Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment at UAEU, and the chair of the Year of Giving Team was present. Also in attendance were Professor Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science and, deputy chair of the Year of Giving Team, other team members, faculty research teams and students. This event was held on Wednesday, 22nd March in the business center at UAEU.

The competition encouraged research teams to conduct chemical and physical tests of the ground water at certain farms in the UAE to determine if it were potable water or it were of agricultural or other use. The research teams submitted their results concerning the PH values, temperature and the percentage of salts in the water to the farm owners.

Professor Murad explained that, “this initiative enhances the role of researchers and academics in serving society. Groundwater is an important natural resource in the UAE. By launching such an initiative, the College of Science is fulfilling its responsibility to the wider community.”

The college also showcased its Geology projects. Dr. Ameer Jaby from the Geology Department explained that the department was conducting a project to measure groundwater level in Green Mubazara and was making use of the latest technology to do so.

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