Filter and Process for Producing Carbon Nanotubes from Automotive Exhaust

Invention Filter and Process for Producing Carbon Nanotubes from Automotive Exhaust

Dr. Yousef Haik; Saud Al-Dajah; Emad El-Najjar

Patent No./Application No.:

US 8,480,992 B2

Invention Description

The high cost of producing carbon nanotubes prevents their utilization in a number of industrial applications.

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are molecular structures that are very valuable in nanotechnology thanks to their thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties. They can be used in electronics, optics and other fields. CNTs are used to build powerful solar cells, create faster computer chips, manufacture body-armour and design next generation thin bodied televisions. The creation of carbon nanotubes requires purified carbon sources which are produced through a process which is expensive and damages the environment.

Researchers at the United Arab Emirates University have discovered a way to convert waste materials into carbon nanotubes. The team created a filter that converts automotive exhausts into multi walled carbon nanotubes (MW-CNT). This does not require the processing typically associated with nanotubes. In fact, the process reduces emissions. The invention works by filtering the exhaust by using iron or a similar catalyst. Once the exhaust fumes pass through the catalyst the synthesized nanotubes are purified in an ionic liquid solution which produces purified carbon nanotubes up to 95% with a diameter of 20-50nm and a length of 1-10 micrometers.

Distinctive Elements


  • Cost efficient way to produce MW-CNTs

  • Environmentally friendly

Potential Applications 
  • MW-CNT production

  • Environmental emission reduction

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